@MsProper “Escaping Reality”

Posted onFebruary 4, 2016

@Muzik_MadHouse “Move In Day”

Posted onDecember 29, 2015

@Tchakalla_ “THE SAD EP”

Posted onMay 27, 2015


NEW Project* VB: Eyerone “Stuck In Forever” @Eyerone @ClassReunionmzk @SavoreeBaby @LaRonBishop @HarlesMac @RockTheMicNews

Posted onFebruary 18, 2014


#ClassReunionMuzik is proud to present Eyerone’s debut album “Stuck In Forever”. The album, produced ENTIRELY by Harles Mac, was written & recorded in less than 16 hours in California. Stuck In Forever is a conceptual yet relatable piece about time, self-awareness and self-actualization.

Richmond:Nickelus F “Vices” Ep @NickelusF

Posted onJanuary 13, 2014



Woodbridge:PHZ-Sicks “The Moment” EP @PHZ_Sicks

Posted onDecember 4, 2013



Project*NN/ATL: Phil The Thrill – VAlien II @PhilThethrill21

Posted onNovember 26, 2013

Following up his 2011 “VAlien” Mixtape the Virginia native Phil The Thrill looks to gain his swing of momentum back with VAlien II. Phil looks to deliver honest and in depth music with 11 tracks that are bound to have you feeling that you personally know the artist or can relate to at least one of the many topics that he covers.


Project*Fredricksburg: @EraHardaway – Classic

Posted onNovember 18, 2013


” it feels good to finally get here after the long road . the process in making this album – the ups and downs, the doubts, the flaws, long nights, early mornings, life, and all of its experiences – is something i wouldnt trade for the world . seeing and hearing ppls responses from the singles i put out will never cease to amaze me . i can connect to ppl thru the art of sound, and they can relate and feel the emotion . the same emotion i put behind this music, whether it be serious or playful . its love . soon, i will connect to the world .” – Era Hardaway
1. start
2. yellowso(u)le
3. cooliehigh
4. supercool [prod. by U’Nique Music]
5. steelo
6. heybaby
7. the man interlude
8. slab2.0 [prod. by VirtuosoTheGOD]
9. wholehunnid
10. bullshit [prod. by Harley]
11. yn$ [prod. by Marq Beezy]
12. youdontknow
13. leaves
14. end [prod. by Bugginout]

NEW PROJECT*VA Grinch – Verse-A-Tile @GotbaRRRz

Posted onNovember 6, 2013


Richmond:Lord Linco “UNLIT” Album @LordLinco

Posted onOctober 25, 2013



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